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FAIR Data & Software
Carmi Cronje, Chris Erdmann, Juliane Schneider, Tim Dennis, Sherry Lake, Paula Martinez
Lesson Mind Map: https://zenodo.org/record/1683142
Content from TIB Hannover workshop moved to repo: https://github.com/LibraryCarpentry/lc-research-data
TIB Hannover FAIR workshop website: https://tibhannover.github.io/2018-07-09-FAIR-Data-and-Software/

Konrad Foerstner, Muhammad Elhossary and Till Sauerwein

Data Privacy
Drew Heles/Jesse Lambertson

Digital Preservation
Peter Neish, Jaye Weatherburn, Lachlan Glanville, Erika Mias

Digital Humanities
Joshua Dull, Catherine DeRose

Python (Data)
Tim Dennis, Kristian Allen

OCR and Data Mining
Konrad Foerstner

R for Librarians
Tim Dennis, Jay Forrest, Harrison Dekker